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Social Media Management
Increase results while saving time and money, post to facebook personal & business pages and twitter. Send your posts in real time, or "set it and forget it" single or recurring posts setting specific times & dates. Free up your valuable time so you can spend your energy elsewhere, post even when you are not online, or asleep, to others around the world and in different time zones.

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Get content to share
Get content to share with your customers on social media accounts, just choose what you think your followers will find interesting which helps to keep and attract new likes/followings, comments and new customers.
Select categories by industry and republish the hottest new content automatically aggregated from across the web.

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Let customers promote you
Drive more social media clicks & traffic by placing our "Mention Button" on websites, share it by email, text or social media. Users click your "mention button" & share your preset message on , or oogle Plus promoting your company with all their followers. In exchange you can just give them thanks or lead them to a benefit like discounts, access to restricted areas, downloads e.t.c.

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QR code generator & more
Generate QR codes for use in print advertising or online. You can also generate a qr code with a short link to use it online on social media for example:
Shorten links including bulk links into the format
Splash Pages are transitional pages you can send a user to view where you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. Generate QR codes & more now

Powerful Dashboard
Our dashboard lets you control everything. Schedule your Social media posts across facebook and twitter, Create Mention buttons so users can post your link on their social media accounts. Get content to post to your social media accounts. Manage your marketing campaign with short URLs that also automatically get its unique QR codes. Create bundles of shortened urls. Create and Manage your splash pages and more.
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Complete Analytics
Do you know which posts are effective? Are your marketing campaigns working, increasing engagement? We have the tools to help you see results. Analalyse your social media posts, likes and follower engagement, along with your mention buttons clicks for what works, what does not, and decide what changes to make.. Whether it is the amount of clicks, how many unique and non-unique visitors, the country of origin and the social media website. The data is there for every user who clicks our shortened link IN REAL TIME refreshed every 60 seconds and are downloadable.

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